Big Foot Thing

We make nice things to play with

Press me, go on!

We've got "Things" that you need!

Welcome to Big Foot Thing (formerly Plastic Martians). We like sherbet dip dabs. We’ve got big feet. And games. Sherbet and games. Lots of games. Game developers from before “causal games” existed, Big Foot Thing consistently produces excellent quality “stuff and things” for the discerning client. Whether it’s a toy, a game, a website, an app, a small soufflé*, Big Foot Thing is here to save the day!

We're still collating stuff to bung on here, along with a brand spanking new logo, so please check back soon and prepare to be AMAZED**

*soufflés not guaranteed
**may not be amazed

Things that we do


Targeted games for your product.

Multi Platform

Need us to target as many different platforms as possible? No problem!

Fun, fun, fun

The stuff we produce is FUN, it engages and retains your audience on your site/brand.


We're passionate about making things look good and work well. And we love our work!

Want to talk?

Need to discuss something with us? Want to work with us on your new project? Then talk to us! We may have big feet, but we're here to listen!

Remember: be nice or the cow gets it.

01434 382 973